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Why Superior Soda?

Do you have painful, burning or acidic urination from Cystitis or Urinary Tract Infections? Perhaps painful Gouty Arthritis or high levels of Uric acid in the blood causing painful gout? Maybe painful Acid reflux or Heartburn? How about painful muscle cramps and muscle fatigue from a build-up of lactic acid?

Everything in nature breaks down with acid. It’s what turns your pool green, kills your plants, and destroys your fish and their tank. Your body is no different. An excess build-up of ACID inside your body can cause many of these painful health issues mentioned above.

Safe Soda Superior Soda helps maintain and support a healthy Acid/Alkaline balance in the body to neutralise the acid and in turn bring the body back into balance reducing the painful symptoms of the many health issues that many deal with daily.

Bicarbonate plays a central role in human physiology for many reasons. Not only does it maintain the delicate buffering system that helps maintain blood pH but also Neutralise built up acid and toxins from metabolic waste. Not only does it regulate stomach acid for correct digestion of food but also regulates CO2 and oxygen in the body. Not only is it classed as an Anion, (a negative charged ion) that balances the negative charged and positive charged (Anions and Cations) in the body, but also activates one of the first enzymes that is released by chewing called Amylase that starts the digestion process and Amylase only gets activated in alkalinity within the saliva.

Almost every part of the human body creates and requires Bicarbonate. These include the liver, pancreas, kidney, prostate, stomach, saliva and blood vessels to name a few, Superior Soda can help to maintain this delicate balance between acid/alkaline using Simple Science.

  • Halal

  • Kosher

  • Aluminium Free

  • Gluten Free

What is Superior Soda?

In a nutshell Superior Soda is a pure, Pharmaceutical Grade Sodium Bicarbonate that is derived from nature itself. It conforms to the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and completely naturally mined from Trona being a Nahcolite. Everything in nature produces bicarb, every animal, every plant the ocean and almost every part of the human body.

Choosing the right bicarb for the body is a very important choice as “Oils ain’t Oils and Bicarb ain’t Bicarb! They are not all the same and are not all equal. Unfortunately the majority of bicarb on the current market today is actually chemically produced using limestone and ammonia and without the ammonia, the hydrochloric acid byproduct from this industry process would render the solutions acidic.

Superior Soda is a pure natural ALKALINE and not a chemically produced alkaline. Most people are also not aware of the inherent differences between different bicarbs. They are not all the same and when looking at things like manufacturing process, hardness, ORP, crystal structure, strength, density, quality and purity, these major differences become apparent.

Furthermore our Superior Soda is packaged in a Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved laboratory within temperature and humidity control environment rooms. As bicarb is a drawing agent it’s able to absorb everything from around it and hence why the food grade bicarb is used to absorb bad odours from fridges, shoes, rubbish bins and so on. If Bicarb is NOT packaged in these strict environments then it is legally NOT classed as Pharmaceutical Grade anymore. Hence the correct high standard packaging goes a long way to maintain the quality and purity to the end customer.





Health Benefits of Safe Soda

High pH does NOT mean Alkaline

FREE Presentations

Safe Soda travels around Australia and hosts free presentations that we feel is a crucial part of the journey for our clients. These have been carefully constructed over many years and forever changing as more information comes to light. Our presentations are a culmination of over 25 years of research and experience to bring to you a presentation like no other. We portray acidity, pH and alkalinity but from an angle never before seen or heard. The presentation brings to life over 25 years, rolled into a step by step, 1.5 hour presentation, all joined together into one exciting and jaw dropping production that has the crowd stunned with amazing research and information. Attend a free presentation near you, sit and relax and come and see a totally different point of view and way of thinking. Look forward to seeing you there!!!



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