PH & Alkalinity

I am amazed how many people and large corporations believe and advertise that pH and alkalinity are the same thing. Every ph scale that you see on the net show that a ph level of 7 is neutral and that anything below ph 7 is acidic and anything above ph 7 is alkaline. Well that is NOT the case by a long shot. In fact pH and Alkalinity are completely different things. They are closely related but 100% different things. It is this major difference and belief system that is tricking most people into believing something that is not the case and people worldwide are purchasing all these water systems and products such as water ionisers, alkalising water, alkalising water bottles, alkaline drops, ultra high pH water, alkalising filters and high pH filters and so much more in the name of so called alkalinity. 

Well let me show you first hand that pH does not mean alkalinity.