The Catalyst Behind
The Brand

Dean Kesarlal, the owner and educator of Safe Soda, is passionate about providing his customers with a safe and effective product that helps maintain a healthy balance in the body. Superior Soda is the finest choice for alkalising needs. It's made from the purest and hygienically handled sodium bicarbonate.


Health Benefits

  • Acid/alkali balance
  • Increases muscle performance
  • Reduces symptoms of gout
  • Reduces symptoms of cystitis
  • Reduces symptoms of heartburn

Safe Soda is

  • Gluten free
  • Aluminium free
  • GMO free
  • Soy free
  • Dairy free
  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • Vegan

Latest Events

Safe Soda travels Australia and hosts free presentation events. These are carefully crafted over many years and are always changing as more information is revealed. Our presentation methods are designed to provide a unique and entertaining presentation that will have the crowd stunned.

​Who is Dean Kesarlal?

When Dean Kesarlal discovered his calling it turned out to be helping people treat and prevent diseases and disorders by maintaining a healthy alkaline balance.

It all started when Dean had his soda blasting company where he manufactured and designed soda blasting machines to remove contaminants from surfaces. Dean has 28 years of experience with sodium bicarbonates and its all purpose formula.

His passion for sodium bicarbonate for health purposes stems from his friend who was diagnosed with brain cancer. Dean conducted extensive research of copious amount of diseases and found that acidity was a common denominator in many diseases. Dean researched natural ways to reduce cancer cells. He found that acidity was a common denominator for the cause and multiplicity of diseases, including cancerous cells. Dean found multiple studies that showed that sodium bicarbonate reduces and prevents cancer cells from multiplying in alkalinity.

Based on his experience and knowledge on the different forms of sodium bicarbonates, Dean came to the conclusion that natural and pure sodium bicarbonates is the best formula to alkaline the body. This ignited a passion in him to commit to extensive research on diseases and health. Armed with his passion, and with no medical background (Dean has a Grade 12 education), Dean discovered that a natural form of bicarbonate soda improved overall health by maintaining an alkaline balance within the body.

Dean has been challenged by many health care professionals over the years, including endocrinologists, radiologists, oncologists, dieticians, surgeons, and scientists from an array of disciplines, and without exception Dean has won each of them over with what he calls "simple science". It is apparent, from Dean's testimony, that somewhere on the journey of medicine the basic principles of health have been forgotten and become complicated.