About Us

Everything in nature breaks down with acid. Acid is what turns your pool green, what kills plants and what destroys your fish tank and kills the fish. Your body is no different..... Acid is what causes chronic disease and health issues. The key to life is to neutralize acid and to balance pH and more so the alkalinity. Having your alkalinity and pH correct is the key to a healthy life.

Here at Safe Soda life, we travel around Australia and work closely with clients with their health issues. We hold Free Presentations, Free Consultations, Free Phone Support and Free Email supports. We build a full Health profile of the client dating back as far as the client can recall. We then combine all the information compiled such as Blood Tests, Scans, Diets, Medication and the Diagnosis. With this information we put all the pieces of the puzzle together and create a specialised program for the client to try and combat their Health Issues and Bring their bodies into true balance and give you back “The New You”.

One of the most important and crucial part of this journey for the client is our Free Presentations. These have been carefully constructed over many years and forever changing as more information comes to light. Our Free Presentations are a culmination of over 20 years of research and experience to bring to you a presentation unlike never before seen. We outline Health, pH and Alkalinity but from an angle never before seen. Its over 20 years rolled into one step by step 2 hour presentation and all joined together into one exciting and jaw dropping production that has the crowd stunned with amazing research and information. 


Meet the Founders

Dean - Founder and Presenter- After helping a personal friend that was diagnosed with cancer, he devoted his life to research and attain as much knowledge as possible to help as many people with chronic health issues. With over 20 years experience in pH and Alkalinity in the industrial and commercial world, connecting the dots with pH, Alkalinity and health was a natural progression into health and wellbeing.

Warren - CO-Founder - Having worked with Dean for 20 years and having his own personal experience with his sister dying at 38 from breast cancer, this life changing event has motivated warren to help fight and conquer these life-threatening diseases.