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At Safe Soda we pride ourselves on helping as many people as possible for free. This is not only our goal but our policy. Product is the only cost, everything else is free.
With all this for free and only product sale is what funds what we do. In order for us to help more people we have been asked on many occasions if people could donate to our cause. Please see below an outline what we do for free and how your helpful donation will be utilised:


Free Presentations: These have been carefully constructed over many years and are changing as more information comes to light. Our Free Presentations are a culmination of over 20 years of research and experience which bring to you a presentation like never before seen or heard. We outline overall health, pH and Alkalinity but from a different angle. Its over 20 years experience rolled into one step by step two hour presentation, all joined together into one exciting and jaw dropping production that has the crowd stunned with our amazing research and information.

Free Dean’s Assist Program: This program has been designed to Assist people with mild and chronic health issues. During this program we voluntarily obtain clients information and we assist while going through the program. We obtain information such as blood work, scans, reports, documents, photos, food information, medications both medical and natural as well as a full history from birth to the current date. We pull it all apart and put it all back together and arrive with some amazing findings that help Safe Soda assist clients with their health issues.

Free Support: We offer free support to current and existing clients both domestic and international. This supports includes phone calls, emails, messenger, Viber chats, whatsapp chats, test messaging, facebook messages and other means of communication. This way we are in touch with the clients on a regular basis.

Free Consultations: As we have many clients all over the world and Australia we have clients fly in on a regular basis to visit us at our office to consult and we answer any questions. Sometimes talking to someone face to face is more suited and often requested by clients. In some cases Safe Soda visits clients who are not able to come to us and hence we may be able to see them in hospital or at their premises


Maintain Free Policy: Your generous donations help provides Safe Soda with the much needed funds to maintain our FREE policy. Many presentations are interstate and your donations helps fund these events including flight costs, accommodation and event costs. The constant work in the background by Safe Soda is a huge undertaking and the hours spent to help people get rewarded not financially but by helping these people and their families. So your funds shall be utilised to help fund all the above FREE POLICY!

Clients: Our clients always come first and your donations help make that so! If Safe Soda is able to maintain our free policy, we can continue the work we do to provide an even better and faster service to our clients.

Research and Development: At Safe Soda, the research NEVER stops. Learning NEVER stops. Your generous donations shall help fund many scientific research and studies in independent labs and perhaps help us fund our own lab one day within our own clinic. Long term we aim to have clinics around Australia and around the world to give access to all the free policy to many parts of the globe. We are developing better ways and more efficient ways to deal and manage clients all around the world. Research is a huge part of what we do so we provide true and accurate findings that in turn help understand more client health issues and education is a huge part in all this. Your donations help fund this research and helps educate more and more safe soda members to better assist and manage client health

Client Systems: Your donations shall help fund new and up and coming systems to help integrate new technologies into client management. For example the new Dean’s Assist Program. Clients worldwide can now access this new system to create their own virtual file and upload all their blood work and information together by answering the Health Questionnaire and request Dean’s Assistance. Internally we have our own messaging system that is dated and time stamped for security and allows easy access to client information all in one location and all in one format. We have many more systems we are putting together your donations will help make these a reality quicker.

If you would like to help, you can donate an amount of your choice by clicking the donate button below:

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