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What is Safe Soda?

Pure pharmaceutical grade bicarb

Simple Science

Everything in nature breaks down with acid. It’s what turns your pool green, kills your plants, and destroys your fish and their tank. Your body is no different


Most people are not aware of the major difference between pH and Alkalinity. 

Our Safe Soda Body product is the top grade pharmaceutical sodium bicarbonate. However at this stage its classed as a food product under the Food Act 2006. As a food product, the law states that we can not make claims to prevent, alleviate or cure any health issue. All we claim are the physical scientific properties of a correct grade sodium bicarbonate being: 


Nothing more.

Most people are also not aware of the inherent differences between different bicarbs. They are not all the same and when looking at things like manufacturing process, hardness, ORP, crystal structure, strength, density, quality and purity, these major differences become apparent. 


FREE Presentations

Safe Soda travels around Australia and host free presentations.


One of the most important and crucial part of this journey is our free presentations. These have been carefully constructed over many years and forever changing as more information comes to light. Our free presentations are a culmination of over 25 years of research and experience to bring to you a presentation unlike never before seen. We outline acidity, pH and alkalinity but from an angle never before seen.


It represents over 25 years rolled into one step by step 1.5 hour presentation, all joined together into one exciting and jaw dropping production that has the crowd stunned with amazing research and information. 

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The Safe Soda Products

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Superior Soda 450g
Safe Soda Bath
pH Test Kit

How does a grade 12 educated tradie, who doesn't have a trade, find the missing link to alkalinity that almost everyone seems to have missed!

Dean Kesarlal

After a close personal friend was diagnosed with cancer, Dean devoted his life to research and attaining as much knowledge as possible. With over 25 years experience in pH and Alkalinity in the industrial and commercial world, connecting the dots with pH and Alkalinity verse acidity was a natural progression.

Just a few informational of videos

How to use Safe Soda
How to use Safe Soda
Our kids and sugar
Our kids and Sugar
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High pH does
mean Alkaline!



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