Superior Soda

450g Safe Soda Superior Soda. Everything in nature breaks down with acid. Your body is no different. Combined with current western diets that are high in acid forming foods, your body may become acidic. Superior Soda is high in pH and high in alkalinity that may help to neutralise the acid.Everything in nature makes bicarb. Every plant, every animal, the ocean and your body makes bicarb for its ability to neutralise acids. 


This is why at Safe Soda, we only use the highest medical/pharmaceutical grade bicarb for its purity, quality and strength. USAGE: For general purposes, take 1 level teaspoon (4 grams) of Safe Soda Superior Soda in between 250ml and 500ml of water as desired, 30-60 minutes prior to food.

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TAKE NOTICE: This is not a medication. You must check with your health practitioner before taking. Check with your health practitioner if you are taking other medicine, have known kidney problems, heart problem, high blood pressure, are pregnant or are on a low sodium diet. Safe Soda takes no responsibility for any unsafe practice. Safe Soda makes NO health clams. 



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