I’m a 29 year old female. I started taking SAFE SODA on 13th January. The reason why I started safe soda is one, I found the presentation extremely moving and two, I was in early stage of cervical cancer (CIN2) and had the HPV virus which causes cervical cancer.

Just after one month of taking safe soda 4 times a day it was time for my follow up with the gynaecologist.  I was extremely happy to find out, not only was my PAP smear clear of any cancer cells, I was also negative to the HPV virus.

Just after only six weeks, I found many other benefits. As a chef it can get quite hot in the kitchen, with long days and hard work on the body.  My arms used to ache and my hands were arthritic.  I used to wear a copper bracelet which would take up to three days to ease the constant pain or take pain killers for relief. I no longer have any pain in my arms and hands and no longer wear a copper bracelet or take pain killers. 

My face is a lot clearer and without any blackheads. Also my eyes are brighter.  After working nearly a 16 hour day or a 70 hour week, I am not as exhausted and feel quite good and energetic. Prior to the safe soda, I was a tired emotional mess that would sleep on my days off.

By cutting back on sugar, I have also lost 6kgs. Now I’m on the journey to start a family.

I highly recommend SAFE SODA and can’t wait to see more benefits.

Thanks Jazz
Toowoomba February 2016

Arthritis and Cancer

Hi Everyone. I started the safe soda journey about 12 months ago.....I have extreme arthritis in my feet, knees, shoulders, fingers etc. I am blessed to have found Dean & safe soda....I no longer take any tabs for my condition ( I was on $200 worth a month)......I am back full time at my gym, I am gardening again & I have a new appreciation for life.

 My mum has secondary breast cancer in her back & soda has the cancer at a standstill. ......Drs are amazed.......Love safe soda & Dean....

Deree Long,

Hi everyone. My name is Adele McDonald and I’m 42 years old. Back in 2011 I was diagnosed with an aggresive form of breast cancer, after chemo, radiation, HER2 treatment and reconstructive surgery I was re-diagnosed in January 2015, the cancer had spread to my liver, lung, bones and a tumour in the base of my brain. I started back on chemo again, had brain surgery to remove the tumour and began the battle again! In May I was then diagnosed with 40 brain tumours, I made the difficult decision to go to Sydney to have treatment called Gamma Knife to remove the 26 tumours in the top of my brain followed by radiation to the base of the brain (cerebellum). The oncologist told me I would probably not make it to my 42nd birthday, 9th September 2015. In May I met Dean, he gave me hope, I had none at this stage. I started on the soda in May 2015, since then I have had scans on my liver which was covered in cancer, they also told me this would kill me for sure. The cancer is now just in 2 spots on the right hand side and has shrunk to half since May, I have scans to my brain 28th November. My lung is completely clear. My bloods are incredible, my liver has gone from being in the thousands down to normal range, the doctors can’t really explain it. I also had a tumour makers test, anything in normal range is 30, mine was 24! I’m doing great, I take each day as it comes, I need and want to be here, I have everything to live for and I will fight hard. The soda has changed my life, Dean has changed my life, he has become a life long friend.

Adele McDonald

Hi Dean

Thank you so much for your email and looking into my health and case.  I'm sure you get many request for help so am really happy you can look into what might be happening in my body.  I know you would be a very busy person and that you will let me know when you can.  

I thought your presentation was excellent.  You really presented the facts to people and it is easy to follow.  I think  those who attend would be convinced that sugar and the effects are really damaging to the body.  I know that it is something that I believed in all the time but actually hearing it and seeing it from someone really makes you "sit up" and think it is time to do something about it. The illustrations you showed particularly with the buckets of sugar, opened my eyes to the amount of sugar we are consuming personally and as a nation.  Since hearing your presentation I have been really aware of the food I am consuming and the sugar content.  I spoke with my husband about your presentation and has said when he finds the time he would like to attend  also.  Thank you so much for the work you are doing! It is amazing.

Kind regards